Sizzling Down

Having a little baby has changed my world. I spent what seemed like a lifetime living in a fast paced environment where I could tick items off my to do list and confidently grade the performance of everything that I accomplished in life. 

I have loved and dreaded every minute of being a new mother. Its been a delight to meet other new mothers and I have formed some of the most intimate friendships I have ever had in my life. I'm in utter awe with the human body - to see what a woman can do, and to see her little baby grow and develop with her. I've spent a few months looking straight into a new world with eyes so wide open that I wish I had a pause button to process everything that's hit me. Welcoming Huxley into my world has thrown all my natural response mechanisms up in the air, along with the to do lists (and don't even get me started on my self-evaluating habit). At times its been a little terrifying and I'm pretty certain that I suffered some post-partum depression along the way.

Squirrel Moo started as a side project to meet with and network with inspiring mothers, and I've accomplished what I wanted from it. I've decided to set it aside for now. I want to deeply thank you for all your support along the way - it's been an amazing journey!