March is the new January, right?

Wait, where has the year gone?? I took a break from blogging over the holidays to seemingly wake up and find that its almost spring. 

The last few months with my little one has been an eye-opening experience. I feel like I blinked and now he's four months old and so much more of a little boy already. He's a giggly little wriggle-butt who is constantly aware of the world around him and wants to be a part of it. I've been relishing in the extra sleep he's given me and enjoying lazy mornings with him, constantly posting his cute little face on Instagram @SquirrelMoo . The days have been long, and the weeks have gone by quickly - something that I'd always heard would be the case. 

But the time has come to get back to blogging and I'm re-energized to talk to more Mamapreneurs!


These boys are all I need this morning (and sleep, I always need more sleep) πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’œ

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When I started to write about Mamapreneurs I was still pregnant and fascinated by the businesses around me that I didn't know were run by new mothers. Now that I have a baby I'm suddenly aware of all the businesses that are designed for women like me to be more comfortable in their new skin. Its been a great way to learn about my community and see how women can help each other throughout this journey (because we all know we need that help and friendship)

So look out - in the next few weeks I'll be posting about the local Brooklyn businesses I've been frequenting, and the amazing Mamapreneurs that run them. I hope you enjoy!