C is for Cookie Exchange!

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on the things that you feel incredibly lucky for. I’m constantly in awe of my amazing husband and still can’t believe the little bundle of joy that we welcomed to the world just under two months ago.

I’m also incredibly grateful for my local mama’s group. Brooklyn has a fantastic online community of mothers and I’ve been so lucky to meet the amazing and inspiring women that I have featured on my Mamapreneurs series.

In the spirit of holiday cheer, my sub-group of mamas got together last Sunday for a cookie exchange. It was really nice to see everyone together, with husbands and partners along for introductions, and I came home with a brilliant little collection of holiday cookies that I’ve been eating all week.

I'm constantly appreciative of the support my mama's group provides. We have shared intimate birth stories and we have all helped each other with support and advice through the grueling first weeks of motherhood.  Having a group of women in a similar situation has taken the pressure off 2am Google searches which leave you twitchy and paranoid. We will all be there for each other as our babies start to crawl and then walk. Above all, I now have a new group of friends that I can call, text or email on a daily basis about the random baby-related thoughts that pop in my head and they get it.  

Oh and the cookies were great (I may or may not be eating one as I type this right now).