What's a "Mamapreneur"?

After the initial excitement about being pregnant had passed, I suddenly felt exposed to an unknown future for my career. We live in a city that’s so driven by career success and ambition that it’s hard to appreciate that being a mother can be a “career” in itself. Would I have time for two jobs? And if so, would I be able to do them both properly? I had worked my butt off for the last 10 years, so deciding to leave a salaried job “indefinitely” was not easy. I found myself justifying that “I’ll be working on a new project next year – my baby”.

I’m still not sure what my plan is after the baby is born, but in this journey of self-discovery I have been blown away by the community of local business-savvy mothers I have met who have become a huge inspiration to me. These aren’t just regular working mothers (which is a feat in itself!) – these are women who have put themselves on a tightrope of vulnerability and have become mothers while running their own businesses. 

I’m calling them “Mamapreneurs” and this section of my blog is dedicated to them. I hope you enjoy their stories - whether you are a mother, a business owner, a Brooklyn local, or someone who is simply inspired by what others can do and achieve when they put their minds to it!