Squirrel Moo was my personal maternity leave project dedicated to discovering the power of becoming a mother. Even at 9 months pregnant I had a nagging need to get out of the house and do something every single day. Discovering motherhood allowed me to meet amazing women who were powerful and fearless. I became interested in talking to mothers who were small business owners and decided to start a blog about "Mamapreneurs" to capture these stories. 

"Squirrel-Moo" is an endearing way of saying "My Squirrel" in our household. My husband's nickname for me is Squirrel and "mou" means "my", "my own", or "to me" in Greek. 


I am passionate about food, embracing local cultures and trends in my neighbourhood and abroad, and finding the little things in life. My "squirrel" nickname isn't because of a cute fluffy tail (I wish!), but because I'm overly excitable about the things I care about! My son, Huxley Simon Clark, was born in October 2015. 

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